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                                                        COMPANY INTRODUCTION

      Established in 2006, Guangdong Zanmin Medicine Co., LTD., located in the Central Business District of Guangzhou, has a registered capital of more than 10 million CNY. We are a modern enterprise with core business of pharmaceutical sales and brand management operations. We are a certified business related to medical devices, diagnostic products and reagents, business distribution, as well as an importation and exportation business.

      With years of development, the company has been expanding. All along, the company has been building a “professional, efficient, integrity and a win-win situation” business philosophy for our sales team.  Our sales and marketing members are well-trained by joining our Sales Training Camp and Leader Training Camp. A solid team has been generated with a strong knowledge background and cultural value. Over 90% of our sales and marketing team members have medical degrees. Zanmin Medicine Co. is implementing meticulous management. We provide in-depth service to the terminal market.  The company has set up 8 offices over Guangdong Province, and 20 offices around the nation. Our business and marketing network has covered substantial cities throughout China.

      Zanmin Medicine Co. has passed the new Good Storage Practice (GSP) certification of modern storage conditions. Equipped with a complete quality assurance system and distribution system, Zanmin Medicine Co. provides services covering all hospitals in Guangzhou.

      To embrace the future, Zanmin Medicine Co. will be dedicate to innovation of new management philosophy and marketing model, advancement of our sales team, and improvement of our business distribution capabilities. The duty of Zanmin Medicine Co. is to build itself into a technology-innovation-oriented pharmaceutical group with sustainable competitiveness. Our mission is to achieve the goals of "professional sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products and to be a first-class distribution business”.

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      地址:廣州天河區興民路222號天盈廣場東塔1102 技術支持:英銘網站建設


      電話:+86 020-38358285

      傳真:+86 020-80673161


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